Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Surrender - Petalpusher

I went through a bunch of music last night rating songs. The category was what I call Lounge Music. So it comes as no surprise that I would wake up with one of those songs in my head. This song is on the Nude Dimensions: Vol 1 CD. I really like the beat the vocals are mesmerizing to me; I have this song rated at four stars. I like this kind of music, especially at night. It is up-beat and gets the body moving.

As far as the video goes, there is no actual video, not even album art. But, I include it so that if you are interested you can at least listen to the song. Someday I hope I can figure out how to make my own videos for those times that I can't find a good one to post, but then I would also need the time to do so.

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